Currently, PECC is in development and self funded. As we acquire tax-exemption status, licenses, and funding, we are launching the community education and support portion of PECC via digital platforms. While developing proper funding, we will foster our skills during this time of Covid to provide "everyday" education and support to the community. 

If you or your company are interested in funding  efforts, contact us, we are open for discussion. 


The Long Beach Peer Education Community Center (PECC) is a safe space that welcomes all to enrich their lives through the power of education and community. Empowering opportunities for students of all generations to become teachers of the community. While providing local businesses, experts, and other organizations a platform for community engagement, we better lives through navigating services. We encourage all to explore learning about the world around them, how to navigate it, and as a result - thrive in their own lives. We lead through compassion for communities to learn and grow together.



A working non-profit, community center that unites and supports businesses to neighborhoods through education and training, while providing system

navigation,  "everyday" education, and support groups. 


Peer Education Community Center (PECC) began with a conversation between like-minded friends discussing resource and navigation gaps in Long Beach

communities. Coming from backgrounds of service, public health, community resource, leadership, development, mental health, and human resources, the foundation of PECC soon came together in sections.


The common denominator for all three sections is “community need.” There are certain gaps in education, be it community, business, or individual development.

While government entities and community-based organization provide and offer programming, the need surpasses the supply and navigation support is often absent.





Pam Chotiswatdi, MPH

Pam brings organization, problem solving, progression, and alternative approaches to community education for better, whole quality-of-life for communities through gathering experience as an OB/GYN medical assistant, mortuary director, college English tutor, technical editor, administration, project management, non-profit development, community volunteer, and life-long student with a BA in English Literature and Master of Public Health, Health Education. 


Outside of PECC, Pam works and lives in the Long Beach community. At the end of 2017, after a year as Director of Operations at a small local nonprofit in citywide fall-prevention & resource navigation efforts for older adults, Pam searched and explored local solutions to provide needed cannabis education for the public at large. In early 2018, she found herself in a new position as Community Education and Administration Director at the local cannabis trade organization as well as executive assistant in the cannabis industry, which she currently holds. 

Ishqa Hillman

As a Business Coach and Strategist, Ishqa strives to empower and support others in their professional and personal lives. Ultimately, she educates that a company is as healthy as its culture and that

culture is created from the top; once the company leader decides on the mission - the follow through is simple. 


A natural and experienced leader, Ishqa is dedicated to empowering others and improving efficiency within. She brings energy, enthusiasm, and passion to everything she does; wearing and creating many hats worn in both large and small businesses. This experience enables her to see many perspectives as well as understand the intricate relationships within an organization. Everything is relationships!


Outside of PECC development, Ishqa Hillman is the CEO of The Canna Boss Babes, a collective of women-owned and run businesses in the cannabis space. 

Angela Lockhart

An innovative and driven professional, Angela holds more than 25 years in Hospital Management, System Administration, and 10+ years of Staffing Analyst and Entrepreneurial Ownership. With an extensive background in planning and managing cross-functional business operations; and technology projects. She is particularly skilled at group facilitation and enjoys forging consensus among people with diverging ideas and opinions.


Outside of PECC development, currently Angela works with doctors and patients to bridge the gap in cannabis dosing. Foreseeing current trends of cannabis entering mainstream medicine practices as an alternative to traditional prescription treatments, she has incurred a plethora of cannabis education certificates directly related to educating and training others in the cannabis Space.

Jennifer Griffith

Jennifer holds a Master of Social Work from USC and has been serving individuals and families with varying abilities and needs since 1998. She is an educator, healer, and staunch administrator who can balance the needs of administration while providing the community with the necessary support to flourish. Jennifer’s experiences in data analytics, behavior analysis, and human resources feed her passions for Organizational Development.


In 2019, Jennifer went from serving individuals with disabilities to becoming physically disabled herself.  She had concerns about opioids and wanted to treat her excessive pain, grief, and trauma with cannabis plant medicine, as it provided the only relief. From this journey, Jennifer has weaved her clinical social work background, approachable demeanor, strength-based approach, and clinical expertise along with her knowledge of plant medicine to promote behavioral health wellness for the community we serve.  

Antwone Kennedy

Antwone Kennedy is from Long Beach, California. With experience in customer service in retail and hospitality, recently earning Colleague of

the Year award for two consecutive years. He is a natural community leader and volunteer. 


Volunteering has always been a huge part of Kennedy’s upbringing. As a child, he began volunteering for Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine and now takes the time to volunteer with local community organizations. 

Jasmine Lamitte

Jasmine is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and joined the KIPP LA Special Education Team in August 2012 as School Counselor for KAO, KEA and founding counselor for KPA, and KSA. Jasmine is a native of Southern California and received her B.A. in Psychology and Africana Studies from Pomona College and a Master's in social service administration from the University of Chicago. Prior to joining KIPP LA team and family, Jasmine spent 4 years on Chicago's South Side in both Chicago Public Schools and Charter Schools.