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How Can We Help You?

At PECC, we don’t just give back to our local community through our volunteer-led projects. We also proudly offer strategic marketing services that help launch your brand or business into the best version of itself.  Through our nonprofit, all services booked are tax-deductible for your records as well as sliding scale for non-profit and social equity businesses.

 Contact our team today to see how we can help you grow! 

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Graphic Design

Wishing you had graphics that stop the social media scroll and turn those heads? Keep the spotlight on you and your brand with attention-grabbing graphic design.


We create professional grade marketing materials to better promote your business.

  • Digital Graphics

  • Print graphics

  • Event graphics

  • Mailers & Takeaways

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Social Media Management

Social media is a part of so many of our daily routines. Future projections of nearly 6 billion users are estimated in 2027. Does your social media capture your clientele? Casting the right net with effective social media management is key to developing the loyal ties and sales your business needs. 


We will elevate the day-to-day operations of your social presence: through: 

  • Content Creation that resonates with your ideal audience

  • Explore new platforms and reach new audiences

  • Communication Management & Auditing to ensure their experience is one they can't wait to rave about!

  • Analytics Reporting that makes sense so you know exactly what is and isn't working and what to do about it. 

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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet which is why you don't want to skimp on copy.


Great copy gets you noticed, keeps thoughts spinning in your head for hours and gets people talking.


Let us get them and keep them talking about you. 

  • Social Media posts

  • Blogging

  • Websites

  • Promotional biographies


Email Marketing

Keeping in touch with your clientele strengthens your brand’s voice, reach, and marketability. 

Now, one of the best approaches to stay connected with your customer base lives in the online inbox. Book for help directing your digital marketing action plan.


A few of the ways we help you is by focusing on: 

  • Campaign Development so what you say and when you say it makes sense and is impactful

  • List Management so you can customize content to the reader's preferences, overall enhancing their experience

  • Analytics Reporting that tells you what you need to know so you don't waste time on things that don't create impact

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Web Design

Web Design. If you don't do it, chances are it's not your thing but a good website can be a game changer for your business. 

From a landing page to a full fledged website with shopping, events, service bookings and more we can do it all or just get you started with a custom template you complete.


Community Experience Management

Heighten your brand’s presence and exciting new ways to connect with your existing and new audiences.  We provide elevated client experience management by creating opportunities to stretch your brand’s voice. 

Some of the ways we can enhance your brand experience to further engage and build loyalty are: 

  • Communication Management & Auditing to ensure your client is receiving an experience that is brand worthy. 

  • Customer Communication Map to ensure each and every step of your process is prepared to provide an elevated experience. 

  • Customer Attraction & Retention Training so you can hire your own team and ensure that the experience is consistent and not individually based. 


Content Strategy & Development

The way you speak to your audience can make or break a connection. Compelling content strategy & development assist in solidifying client relationships and creating new ones.


Contact us for aid in creating memorable content for your website, socials, scripts, and more.

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Brand Strategy & Development

Whether you’re starting completely from scratch or feel the need to freshen your image, visiting and improving your brand strategy & management approach is always a good idea.


We take what ideas you already have brewing for your business and transform them into tangible and actionable next steps.

Ask for a consultation today!

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