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Peer Education Community Center (PECC) is a working 501(c)3 community-based nonprofit, dedicated to uplifting our Long Beach neighbors. We are focused on providing life-skills through peer-to-peer education & support groups, resources in systemic navigation, industry & community connections, and a goal to create a space for alternative wellness. PECC also prioritizes harm reduction education. As part of our mission toward collective grassroots organizing, we advocate for community-led programs, social justice, and systemic & social change.

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SUPPORT A Strategic Master Plan for Unhoused Long Beach Residents

Join efforts to advocate for a Strategic Master Plan for Long Beach Unhoused Residents that connects all efforts by Government Institutions, Community Groups, Non-Profit Organizations, Faith-based communities, and Unhoused Residents themselves Centrally. 

Recommendations and siloed programs are not efficient nor strategic. Bringing all efforts together, identifying whats working and whats not, and creating a master plan with facility and housing infrastructure that includes focus on wellness in real wholistic rehabilitation with life purpose is what is needed.

Let's not continue the same broken system that thrives on human exploitation, it's not working for anyone - not the unhoused, not the housed, not case workers, not the government. We need change; we need a strategic plan.



We are Long Beach Peer Education Community Center

Peer Education Community Center (PECC) began with a conversation between like-minded friends discussing resource and navigation gaps in Long Beach communities. Inside this conversation was the million-dollar question: how can ordinary people lead the charge toward community-centered systemic change? Driven by our founders, who come from diverse backgrounds in service, public health, leadership, development, and human resources, the origins of PECC came together.

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