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September 2023 - Fruiting Bodies - Women’s Plant Meds Meet Up

Hello! Its Pam from TripTent Catching up on past Fruiting Bodies meetings to post the topics. September was super fun.

Legal cannabis is a mess. What usually happens when we have the right intentions but the unity is loose is bad regulations. Corporate lobbyist beat out grassroot organizing with buttloads of moolah. I still think we can mobilize because there are more of us then them. We shall see.

In the meantime, instead of paying extreme amounts for topicals and edibles, make your own. The benefits to cannabis distillate are the cannabinoids combinations and varying ratios. These work when trial-and-error attempts at finding what works for you in any intentional dosing.

However, if you know your doses and are seeking a full-spectrum topical or edible---make your own. At - home cannabis extractions are super easy if you have an oven, a crockpot, and some weed -- shake or grounded buds. Take a look below and have fun! Share what you made and/or send questions too, email Pam at More than happy to help the process.

Fruiting Bodies is co-hosted by myself, Pam Chotiswatdi, MPH and Nichole East at Culture Mushroom in Downtown Long Beach, CA



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