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from the LB POST: Long Beach is about to end its emergency on homelessness. What progress has it made?

Recently, I was interviewed as a community advocate by the Long Beach Post. Mostly, they wanted input on the progress the city has made in homelessness. While the city has implemented some crucial programs like a mobile unit, there is so much more to be done. Government process is to slow. 2023 saw more homeless deaths than ever.

The biggest movement that could happen right now is a master plan that connect all community services and government services with intentional triage and the greatest of all is infrastructure and accountability.

Project Dignity has been advocating for almost two years for a strategic master plan for homelessness. The concept was introduced at this year's 2024 State of the City. Is it a win? Its a half-ass win, now we look at what their master plan includes and hold accountability.


"When Long Beach city leaders declared a homelessness emergency in January 2023, they were blunt about how dire a situation the city was facing.

“Prior to the pandemic, we had a homeless crisis in our city, we had a housing crisis in our region, but the pandemic has exacerbated that crisis,” newly-minted Mayor Rex Richardson said at the time. - READ MORE



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